Broken and shattered I was left to die

Nobody heard my painful cry

I had no one to speak my heart out to

Nobody knew what I had gone through

I was ruined from deep inside

But all of it, with fake smiles I had to hide

I collected the pieces of my broken heart

Determined I was to give things a fresh start

My dead, hurt soul revived again

My scars weren’t enough to show my pain

My wounds didn’t heal, but I didn’t care

My shattered self was beyond repair

Still I ran hoping to find light

My audacious wings gave me the flight

From my own ashes, I did rise

I was ready to fly beyond the skies

Infinity was my limit

I was no more a marred spirit

I learnt from the dark shadows of yesterday

The light of hopeful endeavours guided my way

To all dreadful things, I bid adieu

I am one of those brightest stars looking at you

With heads held high, folks look up to see

How my sinister past has adorned my beauty





Hey everyone!

So, this is the last and the concluding part to the three-part poem series that I wrote. In case you haven’t been through the previous ones, here are the links:


Thank you for reading!😊