When people don’t understand what you feel

When you’ve got some wounds and they don’t heal

When people don’t know how you were shattered

When you feel like those pages torn and tattered

To some very easy the situation may seem

Because nobody heard your unvoiced screams


When you feel blessed and happy from within

When you don’t know you’re being betrayed

Until the demon has committed the sin

When people left and the scars still stayed

When you run away from your own dreams

Your pain is turned to unvoiced screams


When you cry without the tears

When you want to say

And nobody hears

When you don’t know the right way

When you’ve lost yourself and your esteem

Your tears turn to unvoiced screams…..


They are the moans of your soul

Which you cried long before

When the times were hard and sore

They are the pain that inside your heart you bore

They were neither said, nor were heard

They are the immortal scars of a cruel word