Unvoiced Screams

When people don’t understand what you feel

When you’ve got some wounds and they don’t heal

When people don’t know how you were shattered

When you feel like those pages torn and tattered

To some very easy the situation may seem

Because nobody heard your unvoiced screams


When you feel blessed and happy from within

When you don’t know you’re being betrayed

Until the demon has committed the sin

When people left and the scars still stayed

When you run away from your own dreams

Your pain is turned to unvoiced screams


When you cry without the tears

When you want to say

And nobody hears

When you don’t know the right way

When you’ve lost yourself and your esteem

Your tears turn to unvoiced screams…..


They are the moans of your soul

Which you cried long before

When the times were hard and sore

They are the pain that inside your heart you bore

They were neither said, nor were heard

They are the immortal scars of a cruel word



33 Comments Add yours

  1. Painful and passionate. 💜

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    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback Megha!! ❤💜

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  2. Cry without tears!!
    This line! 😐
    Well written 👌👌


    1. Thank you Zankhana!!


  3. Enigma says:

    Stygian piece of dark and heart-wrenching poetry, laced with ambitions and bitter symphony of pain.
    Dark yet Gorgeous!

    Enigma 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks a ton Enigma!!❤❤

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      1. Enigma says:

        My pleasure!

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  4. Aryan Jain says:

    “This a blissful melancholy ,
    Reprisand of the vinges I feel ,
    This is perhaps a memory ,
    That flashed in my memory ,
    Just as a trick of loops ,
    Beated a wondrous flee ,
    I love dreaming ,
    Perhaps this is why
    I loved this beautiful imagery 😃😄💜”
    I loved this poem Riddhima 😄💜.

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    1. Thanks a bunch Aryan !! Your comment has truly made my day!!😊💜


      1. Aryan Jain says:

        Your poetry did to mine Riddhima 😄😊💜

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      2. Thank you so very much Aryan!!😊💜


      3. Aryan Jain says:

        Yours most welcome Riddhima 😊

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  5. Very poignant piece. Enjoyed ! 😊

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    1. Thank you Ayesha!! So glad you enjoyed it!!


  6. Vipra says:


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    1. Thank you Vipra!!

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  7. Tanya says:

    Beautiful ! 😃

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    1. Thanks a bunch!!😊

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  8. charisma says:

    A very meaningful poem dear. It amazes me how you manage to have such profound thoughts at such a small age. Well keep the fire ablaze but don’t let the negatives haunt you. Nurture your talent and u’ll rise above this melancholy! ☺☺☺

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    1. Thank you for the beautiful comment Charisma!!😊 💜

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    1. Thank you Monique!!


  9. Chiradeep says:

    I saw a comment on my blog, *Candles Online* under Vipra’s quote today and I followed the link of the blogger’s Gravatar to find her to be just 15 years old. And I was more interested to know what’s there on her blog.

    And WOW!

    I am happy to visit her blog. I read one or two quotes and a poem they were just so maturely written … then I clicked this one as I wanted to know her mind through those *Unvoiced Screams*.

    *Riddhima*! Your portrayal of a person unheard, neglected, ignored, looked down upon, suppressed, demoralized, traumatized is just amazing. Sometimes, we go through one of those conditions and we want to convey it to all those who are around us or we can look upto. Yet we get disappointed when they don’t respond to us or simply don’t understand us. Nothing can be as difficult as a state of a person when there’s no one to hear him or understand him.

    Your, framing of words, conveying the expressions and emotions of a person suffering are very well presented.

    *Riddhima*, Beta! God bless you and may He use you more powerfully to write more meaningful stuffs in the coming days. I will definitely invite you to write with us in Candles Online.


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    1. Thank you so much for penning down such a beautiful comment! You actually made me smile!😊
      Thank you for all the appreciation! It would be my pleasure to write with you!😊

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  10. What a great poem Riddhima 💕✨. I love your poems because I feel so connected to it when I read it. Your words are truly captivating 😊. Where do you find the inspiration for this ?

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    1. Thank you for the kind words Abhijit!😊 I believe everything around us is an inspiration. But you know , the idea for this just struck my mind and then I wrote it out and it turned out to be quite nice so posted it.😊

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      1. Wow that’s great to hear buddy 😊. Please do keep writing wonderful poems like this always 😇. I will always make sure that I give it a read 😊✨

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    1. Thanks for stopping by!😄 I’ll be at it soon!


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