My heart often wanders into the unseen realms of fantasy

Deep down it goes, down to the deepest reaches of the sea

Sometimes beyond infinity it does rise

It strolls among those gorgeous starlit skies

Seldom it does go discovering the most stygian caves

Seldom about the brightest ecstatic lights it raves

It rambles on those golden sands washed by roaring oceans

It peeks into the depth of eyes carrying tales of emotions

It admires things that are simple yet so profound

It dances on the music of sweet whispering sounds

It smiles on hearing those old forgotten lullabies

It craves the ambience of a charming paradise

My heart travels through the millions of light years

Tracing those shooting stars that emphasize a beauty sheer

It longs for plenty of peace and tranquility

It sings to the broken, to heal them with melody

It vagabonds on those empty solitary streets

It has a penchant for heartwarming greets

It dwells in the adorable smiles of felicity

It unravels the chronicles of the archaic mystery

My heart rejoices when the drops of rain fleck my face

It potters alone in an undiscovered place

My heart wanders on pacific nights in reverie

My heart often wanders into the unseen realms of fantasy