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Yay! My first big milestone of this beautiful blogging journey. I started blogging with no idea of how the journey was gonna be, but honestly , it’s fantastic! 4 and a half months and look, I’ve met so many amazing people out here, in the blogosphere!

Thank you to all my 101 WordPress friends. I’d also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my 21 email followers as well. All you motivational readers out there inspire me to keep writing.

It’s not been long since I joined WordPress but you phenomenal people have always given me so much love and warmth that I felt like I’ve always belonged here, with all of you by my side!

Today, I take this opportunity not only to thank my followers but also to thank all those readersย  who have read my blog or have liked and commented on my site. Each one of you matters! Thank you for all the support and appreciation.

Let’s raise a toast for all that’s been good and for all that’s coming our way! Cheers!