They travel through the dusty forlorn paths that were journeyed by you 

They knock at your doors when you least expect them to

They dwell in the void spaces of your imperfect brain

They make you smile and drive you insane

They shuffle between the memories you’d preserve to keep

Sacred, poignant, profound yet weak

Slowly into your heart they seep

They echo in your mind like a silenced squeak

They are the stars you didn’t fathom into constellations

They are the meadows with a thousand splendid suns

They are the soft tendrils you won’t mind being entangled by

They are the unearthly peace you exhale with a sigh

They are the heights not every folk can reach

They are the brilliant metaphors that all would love to preach

They are the eyes piercing through your soul

They are the vague realms in which you stroll

They travel through the alleys lit by heavenly  light

They are inspired by what you heard and what caught your sight

They are the enigmatic ambiguous muses that leave you stunned

They are the sweet voices that can’t be deliberately shunned

They silently rise out of nowhere but leave you a symphony to sing

One that glorifies the little unnoticed trivial things

They are the subtle thoughts that peek through your heart

And remain unexplained like an abstract art


Thought behind the poem:

There are times when out of nowhere some magical phrases pop up into your mind.They leave you mesmerized. You just can’t let them out of your brains when you would want to avoid them,no matter how hard you try. They need to be felt and noticed. Sometimes you can relate it with the things you’ve gone through and sometimes you simply can’t. They do not belong to you, so they don’t wait for you to let you settle and preserve them. They fly away with time, swiftly with the soft breezes. And they leave you, awe-stricken by its beauty, just the same way they came to you, silently and effortlessly without seeking your permission, simply on their own.

PS: The line: “They are the stars you didn’t fathom into constellations” is inspired from a line in the book The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.