Hello readers! This post is special as it is my first Sonnet! I hope you’d like it! 🙂


I miss the tender appetency that lied between our souls;

Those times when we basked sunshine in cold.

I miss those silent and profound midnight strolls;

Those moments when I cherished your winsome hold.


We gazed at the starlit skies like astrophiles.

We were the photophiles who embraced the rhapsodic lights.

We were affected with tarantism in rains like pluviophiles.

We possessed the serendipity of finding smiles in crazy heights.


We were autophiles yet loved each other’s company.

We lived in our own insouciant cosmos.

Our elysian lives were adorned by an oneiric symphony.

Our everlasting love lives on forever, everyone knows.


Today I recount our memories and sigh,

As beside your grave I sit and cry.