SHE- The Enigmatic Soul


Made of stardust and sunshine, she is the child of the moon.

Her smile is beautiful and endearing like the warm autumn afternoon.

Scented with petrichor, her soul has grown in the sun-kissed gardens where flowers bloom.

She weaves her dreams with hope, love and life; like the dreamcatcher that hangs in her room.

The songs of her heart, she sings to the quiet starlit night.

She is consumed by peace as her eyes are gently kissed by the moonlight.

While she sleeps under the blanket of stars, the sky hides all her secrets in unknown galaxies.

The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favourite pixies.

She dances in the rain as the green starts to glitter.

On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.

She walks barefoot on the grass as euphoria flows in her veins.

She is an enigma far beyond the reaches of normal human brains.

She spends her day colouring butterfly wings and chasing fireflies.

She is a soul soaked in the best inks of the painted skies.

She rides on the carousel of eternal reminiscences that once were solely mine.

But now that she lives within all of us, she’ll outlive space and time.


Hey everyone!

I’m back!! Anddddd, I’ve brought you something which is really close to my heart.❤

I’ve always said this that my journey until now on WP has been beautiful and memorable. And it is all the more special because of the love that my work and I have garnered from you all- the most amazing and talented bloggers out there.🌸

But other than all the love and appreciation and support and smiles that all of you have showered upon me, there is something that I personally would cherish for life. It is the deep and beautiful bond of friendship that I have shared with two of my favourite bloggers and pen-friends~ Megha and Enigma.🌸❤

No matter how many times I say this, but it’d never be enough to showcase my gratitude and affection towards them.

Girls, I’m blessed to have you both as friends and I hope that this friendship would continue forever. ❤

But why am I really talking about this today? Why now?

Because maybe most of you didn’t notice, but I’ve dedicated this little piece to Megha Bhartiya and Enigma. The title of this poem itself is an amalgamation of their pen names~ Enigma and Ink Soaked Soul. And that’s the reason a few words in the last few stanzas are in bold letters.

Dearest Megha and Enigma, this is an ode to our friendship, to you both~ two of the most adorable people in my life. It is my little present of thanksgiving to you both for all the support and love. I love you, girls!❤🤗❤

PS: My dear readers, tell me what you think about this poem in the comments section below! Also, please do visit the awesome blogs of these amazing and super talented girls for some really engaging work of poetry.🖋❤🌸

PPS: The drawing is made by me and is inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

Featured Image Credits: Pinterest.

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  1. Enigma says:

    So, I have been backspacing for the last five minutes because I wanted my words in this comment to reflect how I am really feeling right now. I have tried all the possible comment starters, let out a colorful string of swears and curses and damnation, I am just so so so so so overwhelmed with emotions right now, R! I don’t even know what I am typing right now but all I hope is that my words here reflect all the emotions swirling in the deepest crevice of my heart.

    First of all, this was so unanticipated, unforeseen and so dearly, dearly pleasant of all the surprises I have been fortunate to witness in my life span. I am stuck in the black hole of dilemma whether I should type out the analysis of this piece, the poet in me is edifying or I should just let the check dam of my emotions burst open in your comment section.

    So, I have decided to use gravity controlling me and just pour my heart out.

    Oh god, Riddhima! You are a magician, a true witch with all the shades of the moon and all the spirits of faeries and the kaleidoscopic patterns of creativity, refreshing and abstract.

    This piece is the most stunning of an Ode that can ever be written to our friendship.

    Smiles of the warm autumn afternoon, soul scented with petrichor, these lines are filled with the most heartwarming, most celestial of the imagery, not only because it is dedicated to me but because it is sorcery, words are woven with one of the rarest turquoises and rubies of imaginations which dear Riddhima only you can wring.

    And these lines, God, damn these lines!

    “While she sleeps under the blanket of stars, the sky hides all her secrets in unknown galaxies.

    The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favorite pixies.

    She dances in the rain as the green starts to glitter.

    On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.”

    These lines pulled my heartstrings and tossed my heart into a whirling chemical of emotions. I am brimming with emotions, overwhelmed till the tip of my feet.

    And, must I say how beautifully you have managed to describe our favourite ink soaked soul?
    This could have never been written better!

    “She is a soul-soaked in the best inks of the painted skies.

    She rides on the carousel of eternal reminiscences that once were solely mine.

    But now that she lives within all of us, she’ll outlive space and time.”

    And, finally, I take this best-damned opportunity to let out all the gratitude I am feeling towards you and M!

    Thank you, girls . Thank you so so so so so much! (My dork ass has added 5 so’s there because 5 is that satisfying odd number) I am so thankful to WordPress, to your blogs, to your words and to the blazing light of destiny that made me cross paths with both of you! You are my most cherished people on WordPress. This bond is so heart-rendering and special to me!

    You both adorable people, thank you so much for accepting the fragment of mystery with me, for unravelling this little enigma with your love and friendship! I love you, girls!

    And, I would end it here but the artist within me is fangirling so hard at the piece of art you have just created. As a selenophile, I adore your starting verses and the stellar starry aesthetic that you have carved on that onyx paper.

    Also, I really am in awe with this line

    “She spends her day colouring butterfly wings and chasing fireflies.”

    I truly and madly hope that all three of us spend many more years by colouring the butterfly wings of writing and chasing fireflies of emotions and capturing them in the jar of our blogs.

    Love as warm as the blankets that you wear in the coldest of your nights,

    Enigma 🙂 ❤ ❤

    PS: Megha, the talk we just had a few days ago about startinga fanbase, we need to tie our hair, buckle our belts and start a fandom just for our R!

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    1. Oh my god, E!!!! 🥺
      Ahhhh! I don’t know what to say!!!!

      Ohkayy, Firstly, I feel so so so so so glad and blessed to have you both in my life! And that is the very reason I wrote this piece.❤

      Secondly, I am no witch or magician!😂 It’s just the power of words combined with emotions that the bond among three of us invokes!🤗❤

      Thirdly, I am really very glad that you liked this! Thank you so much for all the appreciation and love! I truly, honestly and genuinely hope that our friendship outlasts time. ❤🌸

      Fourthly, I really love you both!❤🤗

      And lastly, I laughed so hard at the PS note that my cheeks hurt me now!😂 But honestly, you’ve bombarded me with so much love and that is all what I truly need! I created this blog to share my work with the world and to find awesome friends like you and M, not to create a fanbase! Just be by my side because that’s what matters the most to me!🤗❤

      Loads of panda hugs and love❤🤗❤

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      1. Enigma says:

        The feelings are mutual to an an extent that it is a complex and continuous number.

        Also, if a fanbase exists or not, you would always find me to read your works and most of the time, re-read it to admire the palapablity and sentimentality of words and your thoughts.

        Enigma 🙂 ❤

        PS: I love panda hugs and returning them with the same warmth!

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    2. Girl ikr! We must start a special fandom for Riddhima and we must do it super soon! 💜

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    I have this salty water welling up in my eyes, I wonder why.

    *I LOVE YOU. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

    Love is a strong emotion and hence I use the word carefully, so believe me when I say I mean it here. I don’t just love your writing, I love YOU as a person.

    The fact that you took the time to write yet another emotional masterpiece dedicated to me and Enigma is in itself a proof of how absolutely talented, warm, genuine and such a lovable person you are.

    If anything I’m sure of, it’s that I’d always be grateful to WordPress for gifting me such an incredible friendship with you and E.

    It doesn’t matter that we might be miles apart, maybe even time zones, you, me and E now share a bond precious to me.
    So, thank you for being the brightest, most affectionate and incredibly creative person that you are. Your support and our friendship is something I’d always be thankful for.

    This stunning work of yours, “She – The Enigmatic Soul” is a gift from you that I’ll always treasure close to my heart.

    ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    Stardust, sunshine and moonchild.
    Beautiful smiles and warm autumn afternoons.
    Pretichor, souls in sun-kissed gardens of blooming flowers.

    I can literally go on and on naming all the beautiful things I could think of and they’re all here.

    “She weaves her dreams with hope, love and life”
    “The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favourite pixies.”
    “On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.”
    “She is a soul soaked in the best inks of the painted skies.”

    Oh, how?
    How can you weave such magic in your words?
    I genuinely think “beautiful” cannot sum this lovely work of yours. You leave me speechless more often that not, but currently I’m not even able to think fluidly.
    My brain can’t choose between the wide array of compliments and appreciation I want to shower you with.

    This is such a pure, heartfelt and mesmerizing piece, I know I’ll return to it often.
    Thank you so so so so (SO) freaking much you soft, adorable, amiable and gifted human being.
    Sending you truck loads of wishes for happiness and health!
    ~Megha, Ink Soaked Soul 💜

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    1. Something that you really don’t know is that I kept smiling from the first word in this comment until the very last, no, I’m still smiling!😊

      Gee, M!! You know what, these small things are the reasons that I wrote this! No matter what, you guys always send me so much love and warmth!🥺 And I really really mean it!❤🌸

      I’ve never said this but from the point that I post something here, every single cell of my body and every word of my poetry awaits the feedback of you insanely awesome people! 😊

      You guys have so easily created a precious little dwelling in my heart! And yes, even if we’re miles apart, we’ll always be close at heart!❤

      You both are incredible and life has been so generous to gift me with you two adorable gems!!❤❤

      Thank you for everything! Like, legit everything!😊❤

      I love you girls so much!!❤❤❤❤❤

      Sending you truckloads of warmth and smiles and sunshine and love🤗❤(telepathically😂)

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      1. Hehe, *recieves all your love telepathically*

        You deserve all the love and appreciation dear!
        The same way you eagerly wait for my feedback, I wait for you to post!

        Keep writing and smiling 😊💜
        -PS. And ofcourse, keep painting these eye-pleasing lovely paintings!

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  3. I must also write about what a stunning artist you are because look at that gorgeous painting.

    Oh gawd.

    What are you not good at?

    That aesthetically pleasing and stunnung painting is a perfect match for this delightful read!

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    1. Thank youuuuu!!🤗❤

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  4. anne leueen says:

    A soul soaked in the best inks. That is such a wonderful image for me. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!😊 Hope you’re doing good.


  5. Reblogged this on Ink Soaked Soul – Megha Bhartiya and commented:
    Here’s an enigmatic and soulful piece pinned my dear talented friend Riddhima. She is so warm and compassionate to write this piece after being inspired by me and Enigma and to dedicate this to us.
    Ah I am still so happy and grateful. (◍•ᴗ•◍)
    Make sure you check out her amazing blog.
    Her words are as beautiful and capturing as her bright personality!
    Thank you Riddhima!
    -Megha =) 💜

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    1. Thank you so so so very much, Megha!!🤗❤


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