Made of stardust and sunshine, she is the child of the moon.

Her smile is beautiful and endearing like the warm autumn afternoon.

Scented with petrichor, her soul has grown in the sun-kissed gardens where flowers bloom.

She weaves her dreams with hope, love and life; like the dreamcatcher that hangs in her room.

The songs of her heart, she sings to the quiet starlit night.

She is consumed by peace as her eyes are gently kissed by the moonlight.

While she sleeps under the blanket of stars, the sky hides all her secrets in unknown galaxies.

The elysian night envelops her, while the moon reads to her the letters sent to him by his favourite pixies.

She dances in the rain as the green starts to glitter.

On the melodies that the heavens hum especially for her.

She walks barefoot on the grass as euphoria flows in her veins.

She is an enigma far beyond the reaches of normal human brains.

She spends her day colouring butterfly wings and chasing fireflies.

She is a soul soaked in the best inks of the painted skies.

She rides on the carousel of eternal reminiscences that once were solely mine.

But now that she lives within all of us, she’ll outlive space and time.


Hey everyone!

I’m back!! Anddddd, I’ve brought you something which is really close to my heart.❤

I’ve always said this that my journey until now on WP has been beautiful and memorable. And it is all the more special because of the love that my work and I have garnered from you all- the most amazing and talented bloggers out there.🌸

But other than all the love and appreciation and support and smiles that all of you have showered upon me, there is something that I personally would cherish for life. It is the deep and beautiful bond of friendship that I have shared with two of my favourite bloggers and pen-friends~ Megha and Enigma.🌸❤

No matter how many times I say this, but it’d never be enough to showcase my gratitude and affection towards them.

Girls, I’m blessed to have you both as friends and I hope that this friendship would continue forever. ❤

But why am I really talking about this today? Why now?

Because maybe most of you didn’t notice, but I’ve dedicated this little piece to Megha Bhartiya and Enigma. The title of this poem itself is an amalgamation of their pen names~ Enigma and Ink Soaked Soul. And that’s the reason a few words in the last few stanzas are in bold letters.

Dearest Megha and Enigma, this is an ode to our friendship, to you both~ two of the most adorable people in my life. It is my little present of thanksgiving to you both for all the support and love. I love you, girls!❤🤗❤

PS: My dear readers, tell me what you think about this poem in the comments section below! Also, please do visit the awesome blogs of these amazing and super talented girls for some really engaging work of poetry.🖋❤🌸

PPS: The drawing is made by me and is inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

Featured Image Credits: Pinterest.