Along the forlorn path of past,

Replaying in slow-mo, the flashes of a world so fast;

I’ve been walking down the memory lane.

Searching for the feeble whines of pain.


The screams grow ferocious as the present nears,

For multiplying are the wails once silenced by human fears.

Fears of owning up to our mistakes.

The frangible balance collapsed when we amplified her aches.


Her own children have let her down.

They’ve blemished her once-magnificent-floral-crown.

The flowers have wilted, the forests have fallen.

She has been doomed to pray for her future that’s been stolen.


The glaciers are melting and wrecked is her land.

There are tears in the oceans and anger in the sand.

With species vanishing into oblivion and nothingness,

The world is descending into fatal chaos and mess.


Oh! How could we have let the problems mount to such heights?

Didn’t we notice the polaroid backgrounds changing from untamed landscapes to LED lights?

The forces of nature are retaliating with the cosmos heading into turmoil, I tell thee!

The world is fighting for its survival with mortal beings on their knee.


In front of the all-powerful nature, I surrender.

Now, light and calm only she can render.

Now is the time to look back and analyse,

Blinded by greed and apathy, we have lost a million lives.


But like any mother, she has her ways to teach us a lesson.

Dawning upon us is the sun of realization.

Against these tough times, strong hearts will be the only shield.

Against the reflection of our own faults, the power of love I wield.





Hello everyone!!

I hope you all are safe and healthy!

I’ve been wanting to write about the situation at hand since long and voila! now is the time I actually did! 

None of us is yet certain about what actually happened but I believe one thing for sure- This is a collapse. A collapse of our overconfidence over our achievements in science, the collapse of our greedy ways and the collapse of the veil of ignorance some of us have been blinded by. I think it’s the time nature decided that we face the atrocity of our wrongdoings. 

But whatever it be, it has helped us realise our mistakes…not just the devastation we’ve caused our mother earth but also our mistakes of undermining the strength of togetherness, of undermining the importance of every single thing we’ve done as a part of our daily lives. The realization of we being so so very small against the power of nature has finally dawned upon us! This lockdown has taught us how important our freedom is for us all. It has taught us how much strength we derive from being together with our family and how very weak and fragile we feel without our loved ones. 

On a positive note, it has allowed nature to cure itself, there’s a drastic decrease in pollution, the ozone layer is recovering and regenerating the circulation of winds throughout the planet. This time of home-quarantine and lockdown has allowed us to do what we often miss out in our rushed and busy lives- spend time with loved ones and devote time to our own passions and skills. It has given us the time to take a pause and breathe! Anddd, biggest of all: TO CLEAN THE MESS! Not just the messy rooms and cupboards but also to cleanse our mind and it has given us the opportunity to let go of all disturbing and toxic thoughts and things!

I hope you all stay safe within this time of home-quarantine and I pray that things fall into the right place at the soonest.🌸

Take care y’all!😊


PS: Tell me what’ve you guys and girls been up to during lock-down. Ask me whatever you wish to and I’ll surely answer. Let’s talk!! 😄

PPS: The featured image has been taken from Google.