A figure, so unsophisticated yet so complete.

Though infinities it holds, it still is discreet.

 Its splendour lies in its simplicity.

Circle- A symbol of eternity.


Circles ensconce themselves in all things around us;

In the everlasting endlessness that wraps and bounds us.

Within its voids, I see the vastness of the world.

Its centre- an enchanted cradle and its radius- spreading over the realms where magic is unfurled.


Like the seasons that die but reincarnate again;

Like the rain that falls yet ascends again;

Like the sun that sets but rises at dawn;

The future will bring back what is foregone.


Like a carousel of joy and melancholy;

Like the planets spinning in their orbits unceasingly;

With neither a beginning nor an end;

Life runs in eternal circles, my friend.


What we give is what we receive.

What we once whelved, we will retrieve.

Cosmogyral is every feeling, circumstance, being and entity;

As circling about the celestial dimensions is the primordial decree.


Ephemeral excursions combine to take eternity’s form.

At the end of every journey, a new beginning is born.

Everything comes back to where it all began.

We finish our race at the place from where we once ran.


Like the hands of the clock, we always come back home.

In the Ferris wheel called life, for the ethereal purpose, we roam.

In the cacophony of clattering circles look for the divine melody;

Because life runs in circles, I tell thee!


~Riddhima Nayyar🌸

Hey everyone!🙋‍♀️

*facepalms and hides into the thickness of the air as she realizes how utterly inconsistent she has been with blogging*

*pops back up with a shy smile*

I’m sorry! (Again!!) I literally have no explanations this time! But I promise I’ll try and be consistent from now on. I’ll try my best at not vanishing into thin air without any reason! 🤦‍♀️

Okay! Soooooo, coming back to this piece… This piece revolves around a revelation I made a few weeks ago. 🙈 This tiny voice inside my head asked me, “Doesn’t everything including our life run in circles?”. And well, after a little thought over it, I came to the conclusion that yes, life and every cosmic element and being does run along a path which is round and never-ending!

So, I wrote this poem! Now, you guys and girls tell me what are your views on this notion of mine. Also, leave your feedback in the comments section below telling me what you feel about this poem.😊


I hope safety and good health warmly envelop you as you read this!

Stay safe!

~Riddhima Nayyar🌸