A figure, so unsophisticated yet so complete.

Though infinities it holds, it still is discreet.

 Its splendour lies in its simplicity.

Circle- A symbol of eternity.


Circles ensconce themselves in all things around us;

In the everlasting endlessness that wraps and bounds us.

Within its voids, I see the vastness of the world.

Its centre- an enchanted cradle and its radius- spreading over the realms where magic is unfurled.


Like the seasons that die but reincarnate again;

Like the rain that falls yet ascends again;

Like the sun that sets but rises at dawn;

The future will bring back what is foregone.


Like a carousel of joy and melancholy;

Like the planets spinning in their orbits unceasingly;

With neither a beginning nor an end;

Life runs in eternal circles, my friend.


What we give is what we receive.

What we once whelved, we will retrieve.

Cosmogyral is every feeling, circumstance, being and entity;

As circling about the celestial dimensions is the primordial decree.


Ephemeral excursions combine to take eternity’s form.

At the end of every journey, a new beginning is born.

Everything comes back to where it all began.

We finish our race at the place from where we once ran.


Like the hands of the clock, we always come back home.

In the Ferris wheel called life, for the ethereal purpose, we roam.

In the cacophony of clattering circles look for the divine melody;

Because life runs in circles, I tell thee!


~Riddhima Nayyar🌸

Hey everyone!🙋‍♀️

*facepalms and hides into the thickness of the air as she realizes how utterly inconsistent she has been with blogging*

*pops back up with a shy smile*

I’m sorry! (Again!!) I literally have no explanations this time! But I promise I’ll try and be consistent from now on. I’ll try my best at not vanishing into thin air without any reason! 🤦‍♀️

Okay! Soooooo, coming back to this piece… This piece revolves around a revelation I made a few weeks ago. 🙈 This tiny voice inside my head asked me, “Doesn’t everything including our life run in circles?”. And well, after a little thought over it, I came to the conclusion that yes, life and every cosmic element and being does run along a path which is round and never-ending!

So, I wrote this poem! Now, you guys and girls tell me what are your views on this notion of mine. Also, leave your feedback in the comments section below telling me what you feel about this poem.😊


I hope safety and good health warmly envelop you as you read this!

Stay safe!

~Riddhima Nayyar🌸

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  1. Nathi says:

    Riddhima, now more than ever, it really feels like our lives are going in circles. Every day seems like a repetition of yesterday, today and tomorrow. I’m looking for the day when we can finally step out of our homes and breathe in fresh air!

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    1. Yes, Nathi! You’re right!
      Well, life always ran in circles but it’s just that now when the world has come to a standstill and we have the time to reflect upon our lives, that we realize this principle of life and existence.
      Well, isn’t this a circle too? When we were little, we always marvelled at the simplest of landscapes and the most basic elements of life but with the passage of time, we forgot to appreciate those. And look at us now, craving for some fresh air! Haven’t we come back to the point in our life when small car rides or little evening walks would get our hearts pumping with joy? Haven’t we come back to the point where we’d marvel at the simple sight of open spaces? Life always runs in circles… It’s just that we noticed it when the “normalcy” of our lives was taken away from us!
      Though I hope and pray that everything goes back to normal, I really wish that we realize which parts of our “normal lives” are worth going back to!

      Stay safe, dear!

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      1. Nathi says:

        Wow, you’ve beautifully put it all into words and I absolutely agree with you!

        And yes, moving on, we should’ve learned our lessons and keep only the parts that serve us (the whole of humanity and nature) and let go of all that’s been holding us back.

        Take care & stay safe!

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  2. ayushi jain says:


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    1. Thank youuu!!🤗❤


  3. Enigma says:

    First of all, it is so good to see you back, R! I am so glad to see your amazing creative self back on WordPress.

    The first thought which I realized after reading this piece was in fact, not really a thought but the soundtrack of “The Lion King”, “The Circle of Life”. Disney is my not so guilty and proud pleasure in life.

    This theme is actually a well-explored theme in the world of writing but writing themes never really transform into monotonous cliches because the words are wrung with the stardust dexterity of the creator and same reflections derived from a myriad of different experiences and this piece was such a pleasant and heart-warming reflection to read, to analyze and most importantly, to enjoy.

    “As you sow, shall you reap”, “Karma serves one and all”, “What goes around, comes around”, all these phrases are depicted in this marvelous piece, however, I most often love the way you accentuate your message with your words, R. Many people can give messages with their pieces but I believe those messages should sound more personal, more thoughtful, more heart-warming than being peachy or opinionated and you have mastered the art of doing that.

    Reading such a piece in the current scenario really resonates and pulls my heartstrings. I love the way you have carved this with such lovingness. Coming to my favorite lines,

    “Within its voids, I see the vastness of the world.
    Its centre- an enchanted cradle and its radius- spreading over the realms where magic is unfurled.” Damnation, circle being an enchanted cradle and its area being the realms of magic. Wow, you have the talent to string words together.

    “Cosmogyral is every feeling, circumstance, being and entity;
    As circling about the celestial dimensions is the primordial decree” This line is so insightful and meaningful laced with such gorgeous words.

    “In the cacophony of clattering circles look for the divine melody;
    Because life runs in circles, I tell thee!” The ending verse just made me smile a big ear to ear smile. I reiterate it once again but this piece is so heartwarming

    This was such a treat to read, R! I hope you keep writing.

    Stay safe!
    Stay happy and healthy!
    I hope you find truckloads of joy when life keeps running in circles.

    Love and Arms full of Panda Hugs,

    Enigma 🙂 ❤

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    1. Awieee!! Thank you so much, E!!❤
      Trust me the warmth that your words bring to me is something I truly cherish!!😊❤
      I too am a Disney lover! But to be honest, I have watched “The Lion King” only once (the animated version of it), so the only song I remember from the movie is Hakuna Matata!🙈
      Well, you know what? These actually are the phrases that kept running in my mind while writing this piece!
      Thank you so so much Enigma!❤ No matter how many times I say this, but I’ll never be able to thank God enough for the two beautiful friends he has blossomed my life with! (You know it’s you and M)😊❤
      I can already feel your love enveloping me!😊

      You stay safe, healthy and happy too!
      Truckloads of love and panda hugs!❤

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      1. Enigma says:

        I have watch both versions of “The Lion King” and as usual I like the animated version better. Hakuna Matata is a classic. I love reading your work and I am glad to have such beautiful friends in my life too!

        Enigma 🙂

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      2. Enigma says:

        watched* oops! Can’t resist a grammar mistake. I am just spamming your comment section, lmao.

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      3. It’s totally okay! I can understand how difficult it is to resist the temptation of correcting grammar and spelling errors!😂

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  4. Riddhima!! ♡
    This piece appears simple to you but believe me it’s extremely profound and written in a very grand manner.
    It has an unexplainable aura of truth and absolute certainty.
    You’ve put in the truth that life and everything around us revolves and exists in circles in such a sophisticated manner, it’s bewitching!

    This piece is philosophically poetic, and I always love those kind of pieces!

    “The future will bring back what is foregone.”
    “At the end of every journey, a new beginning is born.”
    “Cosmogyral is every feeling, circumstance, being and entity;

    As circling about the celestial dimensions is the primordial decree.”
    Just wow.
    These are only a few of the literally many lines I want to quote from this marvelous piece.

    I myself love using circles as themes and motifs for my poetry. Poetry that starts where it ends or stories like so are circles in literature that I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing.

    From the ripples in water, planets, flaura and fauna, circles are more than just a shape indeed. They’re symbols, nearest to perfection with astounding and exceptional symmetry.

    Ah I can’t put in words how brilliantly well you’ve put such a complex and beautiful topic into such a warm and captivating poem.
    Stunning as usual Riddhima!

    Like Nathi and E have mentioned before me, the significance of living in circles and this poem really strikes more strongly now more than ever.

    “Because life runs in circles, I tell thee!” ALWAYS A FAN OF YOUR ENDINGS!
    ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
    This ending put such a warm smile on my face!

    Just like circles are never-ending, your ability to make me happy with your prolific writing with the best messages behind them is no different. 😊

    Keep writing your heart out and stay safe, happy and healthy R! =)

    Sending you panda hugs!
    ~ Megha 💜
    PS. Tell me about vanishing into thin air and then reappearing randomly 😂.

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    1. Ohmygawwwwddddd M!!🥺
      Thank you so so so very much for such a warm comment!!❤️
      You’ve literally just made my day! I will always be grateful to WP for helping me connect with beautiful people like you, E and many others.
      My love for you and E is beyond words!🥺❤️
      I’m really happy to know that you liked this piece and I could light up your face with that smile!😊
      Trust me, you girls are the ones whose words I cherish and which always makes my heart gush warmth and pure, genuine happiness into my blood.

      You too, keep writing!
      Stay safe and take care!❤
      *Happily receives panda hugs and returns some more love and hugs!*🤗❤

      PS: Samesies!😂

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  5. Laleh Chini says:

    So true. Hard times are passing in circle.

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    1. Yes dear! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback!😊❤

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      1. Laleh Chini says:

        My pleasure indeed.🌺❤️

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    Hi this is kuhu again This is amazing !!!! riddhi didi

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    1. Haha… Glad to see you hopping around, little bunny! Thank you so much for the compliment!!❤


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