I am a worthless person and I don’t deserve to be alive.

So don’t tell me lies like

I should seek help and survive.

Because only I know

How I cry myself to sleep.

So, don’t remind me

In times of dark, calm and peaceful I should keep.

It took too long for me to realize

I can’t silence the screams of my mind.

There’s no truth in my words when I say

I can go through this chaos and leave my agony behind.

Deep down I believe

Nobody understands how I feel in the end.

So, don’t tell me that

I can’t put on a fake smile and pretend.

It’s time that I should know

There’ll be days when I feel weak and numb.

So, it’s perfectly fine if I say

I am crazy, insane and dumb.

You cannot presume that

I can go through this all if I stay strong.

I have understood

Oh, you have always been wrong!

I have discovered

Repressing emotions helps.

You can just not insist that

Weak are neither the tear marks on my cheek nor the memories of my yelps.

Because I’ve discerned that

It’s okay to go through what I’m experiencing if quiet I keep.

And I would be mistaken if I believe

Through the curtains of my sky, one day, light will surely peep.

Oh dear mind of mine, you can’t deny that I know

 I am what I am.


WAITTTTT! Before you leave or start reading anything ahead, Read this poetry from bottom to top!! Yes, all lines but in reverse order! GOOOO!!



Welcome Back!!

So, as you must’ve figured it out, this poetry revolves around Mental health… You know, there are many people who suffer from some or the other sort of psychological disorder, but it isn’t fair to take away their hopes of being happy and perfectly healthy again by condemning them, calling them names, telling them having problems is wrong or behaving strangely around them. It just isn’t right! The thing we need to do when we meet such a person is to give them some support, some comfort, some courage and some medical help. It is medical help what will truly help them see the light again.

This poetry has two ends. You could be viewing your life from any of these two sides and it’s not wrong to be in either of the two phases. But, everybody needs to choose which side is better for them. Only you have the power to write your own destiny but being on the darker side just wouldn’t help you in any way. So, choose wisely. Silencing screams doesn’t help, sharing your problems does. Speak out for yourself, for your own good!

Coming back to this piece, tell me what you feel about this one. Also, it is my first attempt at reverse poetry, so please do tell me if you think I did well.

Stay safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!😊

~Riddhima Nayyar🌸

PS: The featured image is a sketch drawn by me.