While the world suffers in gloom,

Some only add to the pain.

The world will soon face its doom,

With people so inhumane.  


Compassion is lost in this society,

Divided by the colour of the skin.

Driven by contempt and cruelty,

None is bound to win.  


Does complexion determine

Whether or not one deserves respect and empathy?

You insensitively use your power.

Have you become so devoid of love and mercy?


Can race be the distinction to draw a line

Between “the good” and “the thugs”?

You think colour gives you the power to take away someone’s breath?

Would we still slip away in silence, treating this issue with indifference and shrugs?  


 You take pride in your vanity.

Killing your own kind, supremacy you claim?!

Oh narcissistic and racist beings,

Do you realize that the colour we bleed is the same?!  


Remorse consumes me when I see,

That all limits you have crossed.

You play with the lives of the voiceless.

Humanity is surely lost!!  


How can you be so brutal?

Do you think ruthlessness is fun?

Remember, the supreme power counts your sins

When on the horizon, sets the sun.  


There was a life inside the one you killed.

But you didn’t let it bloom.

Even before the world could welcome it,

You thrust it into an eternal sleep, in the cradle of a womb.


You’ve not just assassinated two lives,

You’ve also murdered humanity.

You drowned benevolence in the waters of your crime.

You’ve inflicted death on nature. It won’t grant you impunity.   


You clothed your wickedness with fake tenderness.

Did you think this is a stupid game?

You find joy in your insanity,

While God sheds tears in shame!


While the world suffers in gloom,

Some only add to the pain.

The world will soon face its doom,

With people so inhumane.




An Illustration made by me


What is going on in this world? What have we humans come down to? Do we not realize the cruelty that is slowly taking over us? Do we fail to recognize the injustice we are bringing to others and to nature? Have we become so self-centred that nothing but our own lives matter to us?

Yes, black lives matter! Yes, the lives of the innocent animals matter! Yes, the lives of women matter! Yes, the lives of the poor and the powerless matter!

Why do we fail to realize this simple thing that ALL LIVES MATTER!! And we need to stand by the sides of those whose rights are being denied, who are being discriminated against, who cannot speak for themselves alone!

Why does race become a reason to be merciless, pitiless and so terribly unkind to someone? Does skin colour give us a validation to treat others so insensitively? THIS IS INHUMANE!!

Why do we think that we have the power to play with the lives of the voiceless? They did not harm us, then why do we? Why do we decide to disguise our cruelty as kindness and leave no space for faith to bloom? Have we become so heartless that inflicting pain on others gives us joy? Are we insane? This is not a joke!! This is no fun!! We are human beings who are slowly forgetting to be human. THIS IS INHUMANE!!

Incidents like George Floyd’s murder in the United States and the killing of the pregnant elephant in Kerala are proofs that humanity is dead, that people are inhumane and that we have stooped so low that nothing but our own selfish aims and silly joys matter!

Do you not feel pain and guilt choking you? If yes, then SPEAK UP! Our indifferent silences will only end up encouraging those who commit such heinous crimes! It is time to raise your voice in solidarity!