Love Is Love

Somewhere in the voids of futile stigmas and norms,

Are the carcasses of those who were drowned in a silence full of pain.

Somewhere because of the so-called societal definitions,

Choke and die away those whom you restrain.


Shunned are the voices who speak for change.

You hold them back from being their own selves, unapologetically.

With a vision blurred by binary ideologies

Those rainbows you fail to see.


Some lull their realities to a sleep that outlasts their life,

So that they can fit in the moulds that the society had made.

Some drench themselves in the colours you love,

Until their genuine hues die out and fade.


Flummoxed by the struggle between their heart and brain,

Some fail to fathom their identity.

Some followed the routes yet went astray

For the maps you drew didn’t lead to their destiny.


Concealed from those judgmental eyes,

Some sing their silences to the moon.

And the starlit skies nurse them with hope,

As the hydrogen and helium lights dance on the echo of their silent tune.


And then, there live some who come out,

And raise their voice for all those who flounder and all those who are shamed.

They paint the world with pride and compassion,

Yet happily go down unnamed.


So, let’s let things change a little,

For a more beautiful and better tomorrow.

Let’s bloom into a compassionate society that celebrates differences.

Let’s build a world where together we live and grow.


After all, love is love, you see…

It is divinely beyond control.

After all, love is love, you see…

Gendered is no soul!


-Riddhima Nayyar


This is a drawing I made. The colours of the flower are the colours of the Pride flag.


Hey there!!

I know I’m a wee bit late to say this but… Happy Pride Month!! ❤️ To all the beautiful souls out there~ More power to you!!

It’s sad that even though the LGBTQ+ community has been granted its rights legally in many parts of the world, most societies have not completely accepted and welcomed the outlook which revolves around the idea that “Love is Love”.  And it is because of this absence of acceptance and respect for the LGBTQ+ community that it requires courage to come out and raise a voice against the injustice. I hope that equality prevails and each and every person finds their rightful place in the society. I hope we learn to uplift each other and grow together into a society where no one is judged and shamed for being their own selves! Let us all be proud of who we are and respect others for who they are! 🌸

Lastly, the aim of this piece is not to hurt the sentiments of any person, in any way possible. Also, criticism is always welcomed. 

Drop in your feedback about this one in the comments section below! I’ll be quick to respond, I promise! 😉


Stay safe, healthy and happy!! 🙂

~Riddhima Nayyar🌸


PS: Featured Image Credits~ Pinterest

11 Comments Add yours


    Hi riddhi didi this poem that you have written is just wonderful

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    1. Thank you so much, dear!!❤️



    well done

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    What an absolutely phenomenal piece dear!
    Like I told you, your quality to never stray away from talking about important topics is so amiable.
    You have yet again, in the most thoughtful, mature and elegant manner crafted and shared your art that carries deep messages of the meaning of love, the ones who voice out against the stigmas and prejudices, and the tragic struggles of those suppressed by society.

    I started this piece and I couldn’t stop reading, because the gravity of the words you’ve chosen to speak and the way you’ve presented them had captured me.

    This poem speaks volumes about your emotional intelligence, your understanding of societal norms and the beauty of your heart.

    I specifically loved these lines :
    “Shunned are the voices who speak for change.”
    “Some lull their realities to a sleep that outlasts their life,”
    “Some sing their silences to the moon.
    And the starlit skies nurse them with hope,”
    And ah this ;
    “Gendered is no soul!”
    Such a rapt ending!
    Riddhima each piece you put forward makes me admire you more, not only as an artist but also as a human being!
    Love is love, let us all respect and celebrate our differences and grow into an accepting and welcoming society.
    Loads of love and panda hugs to you!
    ~Megha 💜

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    1. Ah, thank you so much, Megha!! 🥺❤
      I am so so glad to know that you liked it!😊

      I read this quote by Mark Twain a few days ago which said, “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”
      So, to be honest, I believe I am fortunate enough to have a platform where I can freely voice out my opinions and raise a voice against what I think is unjust. And if I don’t use this opportunity to the best of my capabilities, then practically, I am doing no better than the ones who don’t even have a chance to do so. I feel deeply about social issues and speaking out about them in the form of poetry makes me feel as if I am doing my bit for the society, even if it’s in the smallest way possible! And in the end, doesn’t it serve my own purposes too? If society becomes better, won’t I feel better to be a part of a more compassionate society?
      After all, the change is brought about by being the change itself!🙂

      M, thank you so much for reading between the lines and for just simply understanding the ‘whats’ and the ‘whys’ that go into the writing of a piece. It truly means a lot to have readers like you who can sense the emotions and thoughts behind the poetry!❤

      *receives all the love and hugs and sends more love and panda hugs your way*❤
      Stay safe, happy and healthy!😊


  4. Laleh Chini says:

    Love is love and beautiful, great read dear.

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    1. Thank you so much, Laleh!!❤

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