Somewhere in the voids of futile stigmas and norms,

Are the carcasses of those who were drowned in a silence full of pain.

Somewhere because of the so-called societal definitions,

Choke and die away those whom you restrain.

Shunned are the voices who speak for change.

You hold them back from being their own selves, unapologetically.

With a vision blurred by binary ideologies

Those rainbows you fail to see.

Some lull their realities to a sleep that outlasts their life,

So that they can fit in the moulds that the society had made.

Some drench themselves in the colours you love,

Until their genuine hues die out and fade.


Some fail to fathom their identity.

Some followed the routes yet went astray

For the maps you drew didn’t lead to their destiny.


Some sing their silences to the moon.

And the starlit skies nurse them with hope,

As the hydrogen and helium lights dance on the echo of their silent tune.


And raise their voice for all those who flounder and all those who are shamed.

They paint the world with pride and compassion,

Yet happily go down unnamed.


For a more beautiful and better tomorrow.

Let’s bloom into a compassionate society that celebrates differences.

Let’s build a world where together we live and grow.


It is divinely beyond control.

After all, love is love, you see…

Gendered is no soul!